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Dirk Bauer

Dirk Bauer

Patent Attorney


Education/career path:

1985–1991 Degree in mechanical engineering at  RWTH Aachen

1987–1993 Degree in business administration at RWTH Aachen

1994–1997 Training to become a patent attorney at Patentanwalt Hubert Bauer in Aachen, the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich and  the Federal Patent Court in Munich

1997 Founded Bauer & Bauer patent attorneys

1998 Admitted as European Patent Attorney

2003 Partner at BAUER WAGNER PRIESMEYER Patent- und Rechtsanwälte


German, English and French

Specialist areas:

Personal details:

Born in 1966

Married, four children

Hobbies: canoeing, skiing, jogging, DIY, gardening, travelling


  • ip@law.ac
  • 0241 51000200
  • Grüner Weg 1, 52070 Aachen